Why Should I Incorporate My Business

With so many people leaving the corporate world to go out on their own, many of them ask “why should I incorporate my business?” The costs associated with incorporation or LLC might make it seem like you need to be highly successful before considering taking this important step. Sometimes learning from other’s experience can be important when making these types of decisions.

One important consideration is the cash flow of the business. Once a business is netting greater than $60,000, incorporation makes a great deal of sense. One benefit of incorporation is tax savings. The tax savings are significant and some business owners will see a 50% reduction in their tax liability. Some of the savings are in self-employment taxes that business owners pay. Imagine being able to reinvest thousands of dollars each year back into the business. That is every small business owner’s dream!


Expert Advice from Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy is not a simple process to go through. There are a lot of considerations and not everyone who desires to file for one is actually qualified.

Perhaps the wisest thing to do when bankruptcy filing is to seek for the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney who can definitely give expert advice and guidance on the entire process.

However, looking for the best bankruptcy attorney is not that easy. You may need to look into several information sources to be able to find one. Here are some ways by which you can solicit the expertise of the most appropriate attorney for your situation:


Online Law School

Today, instead of going to an actual school, you can very easily get a law degree sitting at home through an online law school to further your career or even practice law professionaly. Getting a law school degree can really boost your career and increase your job prospects. In the state of California, you can […]


The Advantages of an Online Law School

The unique features an online degree from a law school offers have made it a popular choice, especially for professionals busy with work and without the time or the resources to attend a regular law school. While nothing can replace a solid education at a top tier school, online law schools do a very good […]


Celebrity Cases – Straining the Legal System?

Celebrity cases are like sweet poison to a lawyer, a forbidden drink that can have catastrophic consequences for the lawyer’s career, while also giving him such a fillip as to propel him to the frontlines of celebrity himself. It is ironic that lawyers who’ve presided over the cases of celebrities have seen their clients’ star […]


DNA Profiling – From CSI to the Courtoom

I’m taking a break from talking about serious law issues to discuss a fundamental development in the field of criminal investigation since the 80s that has direct ramifications to the legal community. This is DNA profiling, and its a subject I’ve been immensely interested in ever since I got hooked on to CSI. The main […]


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