Law Schools – Educating a Future Attorney

Law schools are typically an essential part of the preparation for a student to ultimately qualify to become an attorney.

Let’s review what is normally required for entrance and what is taught there.

1. Attendance at an accredited law school is a post graduate degree. This means that in order to attend a law school, you normally have to possess a bachelor’s degree in approved majors.

2. It normally requires three years to complete the course of study at law schools. Entrance requirements vary by state and the particular law school.

It may include successfully completing certain kinds of courses or grade point average and usually is a combination of both.

3. Many schools also require that you take the LSAT which is a standardized entrance exam designed to assess your ability to handle and complete a course of study in law.

4. The first year of study is typically the most rigorous and is designed to teach you the fundamentals of law. Courses may include civil procedure, constitutional law, contract, criminal law, property/tort law, and legal writing.

5. As you progress in school, you will take more advanced course in fundamental law topics. You will normally branch off into certain electives and specialized areas such as corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, criminal law, tax law, civil law, etc.

There are types of learning you will get involved in such as mock trials, law reviews, etc. These are all designed to provide you with solid grounding to pass your bar exam and become a successful attorney upon graduation.

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