Law Schools – Educating a Future Attorney

Law schools are typically an essential part of the preparation for a student to ultimately qualify to become an attorney.

Let’s review what is normally required for entrance and what is taught there.

1. Attendance at an accredited law school is a post graduate degree. This means that in order to attend a law school, you normally have to possess a bachelor’s degree in approved majors.

2. It normally requires three years to complete the course of study at law schools. Entrance requirements vary by state and the particular law school.

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Online Law School

Today, instead of going to an actual school, you can very easily get a law degree sitting at home through an online law school to further your career or even practice law professionaly. Getting a law school degree can really boost your career and increase your job prospects. In the state of California, you can […]


The Advantages of an Online Law School

The unique features an online degree from a law school offers have made it a popular choice, especially for professionals busy with work and without the time or the resources to attend a regular law school. While nothing can replace a solid education at a top tier school, online law schools do a very good […]


Law School Confidential Review

The Law School Confidential: A Complete Guide to the Law School Experience: By Students, for Students has been called “a must for anyone attending or thinking about law school” by The Houston Lawyer, and is one book that can be found in the bookshelf of every law student. Law School Confidential is considered the “little […]


Best Law School Books

Law school can be hard – just ask any 1L who’s had to go without sleep for two days to prepare for the exam next week. What can make negotiating the jungle that is law school even harder is inadequate preparation, or the wrong tools in your armory. The books listed below will help you […]


Law School Scholarships

Here’s a fact for you: going to law school will be mighty, mighty expensive. Unless you have oodles of cash, chances are, you would want to ease the burden of the law school tuition with a generous law school scholarship. Remember that if you are going to law school, you already have four years of […]


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